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Can Jews raise pets (cats, dogs, swine)?

The Muslims do not have swine but they do have cats and dogs. Something to do with not touching haram animals. I know that Jews also consider pigs unclean, as well as cats and dogs. Is this ...
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Can a woman ever wear a prayer shawl?

I've seen prayer shawls for girls available on the internet e.g. for Bat Mitzvah. I'm not sure what to think of it or if I'm comfortable with it. Can a woman wear a prayer shawl, and if so under ...
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What happened to Tohorot?

As I understand it, all of Tohorot has been reduced, in modern practice, to Niddah and some hand washing. The entire structure of transmittable 'uncleanliness' is inoperative. Why is it inoperative? ...
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When and why did women change to ritually bathing in the Evening?

Do you happen to have any ideas, or any sources, detailing why women first became required to bathe in the evening as in current practise, as opposed to the recorded biblical requirement to wash ...
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How to handle cadavers

My fiancée is going to university, working towards a degree in dentistry. For about a year, she will be required to handle cadavers in the classes. First of all, is this forbidden in Torah? Secondly, ...
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How old is the tradition of the Genizah?

You'll have to excuse my ignorance and if I word something slightly awkwardly, but I did wonder how old is the tradition of burying the Genizot, or alternatively, if that is unknown, what is the ...
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consequences of minor tumah nowadays

In a comment on this question that is now deleted, DoubleAA said something to the effect of Yes you become impure by sitting on the seat, but anyone who needs to care about the consequences of ...
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Unclean -- Consequences

I know that there are multiple things (food, corpses, menstruation, etc.) that can make one unclean. I'm just uncertain as to what being unclean meant in practicality, especially for touching the ...
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Tumah and Taharah partially practiced Nowadays despit Tumas Meis [duplicate]

We cannot reach cleanness from death unclenness nowadays, because of the lack of "Mey Chatas." We assume that everyone's "Tamei Meis." So, almost all hilchos Tumah v'Taharah are not practiced. Thus, ...
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Can a non-kohen touch non-kosher animals (dead or alive)?

Is this correct: Non-kohanim may touch non-kosher animals (live or dead), including שרצים, but must avoid doing so when going to the Beis Hamikdash (for the holidays or otherwise). Are kohanim always ...
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What are the Tumah implications outside of Temple?

What are the implication of tumah other than related to the Temple? E.g., a pathologist in, say, Australia is contaminated with Tumas Mes all the time. Does he have to travel to Jerusalem to get ...
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How to start learning seder taharos

Would like to start learning mishnayos tahoros with kehati and bartenura, probably at a rate of 2 mishnayos a day. However I've never learned the seder formally so don't know where to start. I know ...
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