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Is one allowed to smoke Marijuana?

Not taking into account Dina D'malchusa, what are the Halachic problems with smoking marijuana? Is it allowed?
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SE Challenge: Halachot in which rulings range from permissible to Torah violation? [closed]

Inspired by my previous question regarding heating up soup on Shabbat, I present a challenge to the Judaism StackExchange community -- List halachot which have halachic decisions ranging from ...
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Why is a woman allowed to get pregnant?

This should be taken as a bit of a light hearted question (but not a Purim Torah by any means, I am looking for a real analysis), inspired by a discussion in chat. Why is a woman allowed to get ...
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How should one dispose of cut finger nails? Is it dangerous for a pregnant woman to walk on them?

Is there an Inyan of pregnant women walking over cut nails ex: a nail salon? Also, can I just vacuum up the cut nails from the floor?
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Are Cigarettes on Yomtov a Davar Hashaveh Lechol Nefesh?

Besides for the health (and possible chometz) problems involved with smoking, is it possible to define smoking, in this day and age, as a davar hashaveh lechol nefesh, a universally imbibed pleasure, ...
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Cigarette on Pesach

Is there a problem of Chometz with Smoking on Pesach?
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Is one allowed to be fat?

Is one halachically allowed to be fat (overweight or obese), or must a fat person take steps to reduce their weight and maintain a reasonably healthy body (and likewise, a healthy person must not ...
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Is one allowed to smoke on minor fast days?

There are various opinions on whether it is ever permissible to smoke, with rabbinic opinion shifting more toward "no" in recent years, but among those who permit smoking generally, is it permissible ...
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Is vaping prohibited?

With the rising popularity of vaping and electronic cigarettes, many might consider turning to them to stop smoking or to at least divert their habit to a healthier alternative. However, the liquids ...
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Is it halachically ok to buy and sell cigarettes?

I live in a country where cigarettes are very cheap. I am going to travel somewhere where I can sell cigarettes for much more than it cost me. If I take them, I will make a huge profit. However I am ...
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Do hookahs need to be Toiveled?

I saw this question somewhere else said as a joke but, seriously, does a hookah require tevilah (immersion)? After all, why wouldn't smoking be like ingesting food, as on some level you are ingesting ...
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Is there a bias against marijuana in the orthodox community?

Note: I'm not trying to promote marijuana. I strongly dislike marijuana and cigarettes and I would never use nor recommend either. I'm concerned about health and the awareness of the dangers of drugs. ...
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Igros Moshe citation: prohibiting giving a lighter to a smoker

In this recorded lecture, Rabbi Akiva Tatz mentions that R' Moshe Feinstein (who famously did not prohibit smoking, though see here) forbade a person from handing a lighter to a person who smokes ...
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What are usual Jewish practices and doctrine for addictive substances such as alcohol and tobacco?

I live in a community where about a fourth to half of the population is Jewish and I have many friends here that all seem to have different outlooks about addictive substances. Particularly about ...
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Smoking on purim

If someone smokes only once a year, on Purim, is one allowed to do so? To be detailed, this is an adult over the age of 20, a young working professional, and will not get addicted to the one cigar.
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