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Which parts of the prayer service must be said clearly out loud?

I've heard a few different opinions on this. During longer prayer services, such as Shacharit on Shabbat, at least in Nusach Sefard, Pesukei D'Zimrah is quite long and there is a tendency for the ...
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Too fast or no minyan?

Suppose the only minyan available for someone to attend is one which moves far too fast for him. Even with arriving early and starting ahead of time, he only has time to say a fraction of psukei d'...
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Why no repetition of the Shema in shul?

We repeat the amida in shul for the sake of those who do not know the amida. We read the birkat hamzaon aloud for the sake of those who do not know the blessings. In both cases, we assume that many ...
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How do people daven so quickly, and what's the support for it?

I learned that one must clearly enunciate every word of tefila. At the least this would include Shemoneh Esreh and Shema, but one might presume it includes the entire prayer service. This question ...
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Falling behind during davening

If you daven more slowly than the chazzan, should you skip what someone who came late to davening would skip so that you can reach barchu with the tzibbur?
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How much is one obligated to help a struggling minyan?

Someone attends a minyan that has a near perfect record of getting at least 10 men. Occasionally, a rabbi from another struggling minyan may call him and ask him to assist forming his minyan. What ...
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Why am I always the last person to finish davening Al Cheit? [closed]

On Yom Kippur, I daven as fast as I possibly can--reading everything in my native language, and with far more speed than kavana--because I know I will have this problem. And yet I still have the ...
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On what authority do Lubavitchers not skip when late to shacharis?

The Rav's Shulchan Aruch, OC 52, clearly states that, because saying amida (sh'mone esre) with a congregation is so important, one who arrives late to a congregational shacharis service should skip ...
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Skipping Paragraphs in long Tachanun

Although it pains me to ask the question, after davening in many orthodox shuls throughout New York, New Jersey, and Maryland, it seems chazanim often skip parts of והוא רחום (longer Monday/Thursday ...
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Must one be synced with the minyan? [duplicate]

What should I do if I'm about to say the Shema Israel but the rest of the minyan is already on aleinu leshabeach, to give an example. Should I say "El melej neeman"? Do I need to be in sync with the ...
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