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Besides a couple names (ex: Akiva, Ashi) you don't really see many people over the course of history who have names that originated from the Talmud- ie "Huna", "Abaye", "Zevid", "Puppa" etc.

Why do you think think this? (other than someone maybe not liking these names for their child) These members of Chazal are literally gedolim she'b'gdolim!

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    I know an Abaye – Double AA Feb 21 at 18:45
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  • There's a Hassidic sect called "Puppa". I see their school buses in my neighborhood frequently. Maybe the rebbe or the town was named after Puppa. – DanF Feb 21 at 19:15
  • @DanF, the Hassidic sect is named (as they all are) after a city. In this case the Hungarian city of Pápa, with a Yiddish pronunciation. – Yishai Feb 21 at 19:51

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