Given that moshiach can come at any time, what will happen to those that are in the process of conversion? Certain passages such as yevamos 24b, geirus would no longer be performed in the messianic era. At the same time there were general limitation on geirus lest people try to join the Jewish people for motives other than wanting to serve Hashem. (such as financial growth or some sort of benefits)... However, Yisro who already had stature and wealth was allowed given that he had "good intentions" and no ulterior motive.

An opinion I read before, source which to my shame have forgotten, stated that ultimately all the world would become Israel. This is a beautiful thought but it's debatable given the prophecies of nations coming to celebrate sukkos.

I think there might be geiros available, post the coming of moshiach, for those truly in love with the Torah and Hashem. I guess we'd all have to live it and see what happens. A convert is compared to a deer among sheep in the Midrash, these people leave families and lives behind just in an effort to be counted among the Jewish people. I don't think such a person would ever be set aside by Hashem. I like to think they would be allowed to finish their geirus. I was hoping for some citations or baraitot to support my thought but your comments help more than you think. Thanks.

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The Galus cannot be ended until all the Geirim convert as the Gemara Pesachim 87b says explained by Yaaros Dvash (r'Yonasan Eibeshitz) 8,16:

דע כי אמרו (פסחים פז ע"ב) לא גלו ישראל לבין האומות אלא כדי שיתוספו עליהם גרים כי בכל מקום שהם מתלקטים להם גרים וכאשר יהיו נלקטים הגרים הראוים לבית יעקב והנלוים עמם אז תהיה הגאולה כי זוהי תכלית הגלות ללקט הנפזרים והנדחים בארבע כנפות ארץ הם נשמות גרים שהם בין האומות ועל ידי גלות ישראל מתדבקים עמם ונלוים להם
Know that Chazal (our Rabbis) said we were only exiled in order for converts to join us from within the nations, because wherever we gather in exile converts join us and when the genuine (i.e not for ulterior motive) converts join the houe of Jacob then the redemption will come, because this was the purpose of exile to foreign lands, in order gather the scatterred souls from the Nations of the earth from all four corners of the earth

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