For a person who doesn't eat dairy and won't be sharing food or drink with anyone, is there any halachic problem with using a meaty pot to cook all food and drink?

Also, it is advisable to eat meat only on Shabbat. If eating meat on a regular basis isn't good then would the same apply to foods cooked in a meaty pot?

  • Re your first question, there is no halachic issue in using only meat pots if all you are cooking is parve or meat. Are you worried of something specific? If yes you should [edit[ your question to explain more clearly what you are looking for. Regarding the second part, the assertion that "it is advisable to eat meat only on Shabbat" is unclear. Who says so? I didn't downvote, but in general questions should include sources for key assertions – mbloch Feb 11 at 4:14

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