Are there examples of Hebrew Slaves mentioned in the Gemmorah?

Names of the slaves or their masters, the amounts paid, the terms served etc?

(I recall a couple of Eved K'naani like Tavi, but can't recall a Hebrew one).

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No, there are not. Yovel had ceased to be operative centuries earlier and the rules of Jewish slaves became inoperative with it (Rambam, Avadim 1:10).

The institution of a Hebrew maid-servant and that of a Hebrew servant is not practiced except in the time when the Jubilee year is observed. This applies both to a Hebrew servant who sells himself, and to one who is sold by the court. We have already explained when the observance of the Jubilee year was nullified.

Rambam Sefer Zeraim Hilchot Shemita 10:8

From the time the tribes of Reuven and Gad and half the tribe of Menasheh were exiled, [the observance] of the Jubilee year ceased, as [implied by Leviticus 25:10]: "You shall proclaim freedom throughout the land to all of its inhabitants." [One can infer that this commandment applies only] when all of its inhabitants are dwelling within it. [Moreover,] they may not be intermingled, one tribe with another, but rather each tribe is dwelling in its appropriate place.

  • I thought Yovel was kept during the second temple times. Anything exemplary from the writings maybe?
    – Al Berko
    Feb 2, 2019 at 23:57
  • @AlBerko There are those who say that the counting of the Yovel year was maintained, but it was not observed fully. Feb 3, 2019 at 1:38

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