I was reading this question which arrives at the conclusion that a traditional razor would be permitted had the common practice for people who achieve a close shave been to use a regular razor.

“However, if for arguments sake, the general custom would change and people would only use shavers even if they desired a very close cut, razors would be permitted and shavers would be forbidden.”


My question is as follows, if the current common practice is not to use a straight razor to garner a close shave would a straight razor then be permissible to use?

  • A > B, B > C, B is the power of destroying of the generally used instrument. C is the power of destroying of some other instruments. A is the power of the straight razor. The instruments they fall in category C are allowed because there are less destroying than the average destroying instruments, but straight razor is more destroying and is à fortiori prohibited. – kouty Jan 28 at 3:14
  • 1
    You quote "If A were to become true, B would be true" and ask "According to that, if A is true now, is B?". Why not? What's your question? – msh210 Jan 28 at 12:29
  • @msh210 there is no question of thrue/false. If I understand right, the question if this instrument is more destructive. – kouty Jan 29 at 6:41

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