I was looking for some ideas to inspire people to start putting on tefilin everyday.

What are the advantages and blessings for a person who dons tefilin?


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Menachot 44a

ואמר ר"ל כל המניח תפילין מאריך ימים שנאמר (ישעיהו לח, טז) ה' עליהם יחיו ולכל בהן חיי רוחי ותחלימני והחייני:

And Reish Lakish says: Anyone who dons phylacteries lives a long life, as it is stated: “The Lord is upon them, they will live, and altogether therein is the life of my spirit; and have me recover, and make me to live” (Isaiah 38:16). This is interpreted as referring to those who don phylacteries, which contain the name of the Lord, on their heads; as a result, they will live, be healed and merit long life.

Teffilin 2:20

So says God: If you don Teffilin, I consider it as if you study Torah all day and night.

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