Does anyone know the style of tying tzitzit thats closest to the times of Chazal? The oldest I'm aware of Is Rav Amram Gaon, anyone know?

  • Did you read it’s description in the Talmud? – Dr. Shmuel Jan 15 at 3:32
  • Which gemara are you referring to? Menachos? – Bentzi Jecker Jan 15 at 3:34
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    @BentziJecker Why would you assume Rambam invented the tying method he advocated? When we say "Rav Amram Gaon tying" and "Rambam tying", we aren't saying those chochamim made them up. We mean to say they bring forth this method in their respective seforim and writings. Most likely, Rambam had a mesorah much older than he. – ezra Jan 15 at 3:40
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    I think what @ezra is saying is that while the method is named after the Rambam, there’s no reason to assume that it started with him. As such, it’s hard to put a date on which one came first; for all we know, the Rambam’s really is older, it was just first written down later. – DonielF Jan 15 at 4:00
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    @Bentzi His point is there isn't documentable historical precedent, but that doesn't mean it wasn't historically present. History is different from law. Precedent is not exhaustive – Double AA Jan 15 at 13:56

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