When talking to a Muslim about God is ok to use the term Allah? (I personally can’t see any halachik problems, but there’s a lot I can’t see)

  • Practically same question (and further related/dupes there) different name. – Oliver Jan 11 at 14:46

Having grown up in Egypt and knowing Arabic, I can tell you that Jews (like Muslims) freely use "Allah" in conversation to refer to God, although it is frequently replaced by "Rabbena" (Our Master). God is usually addressed directly as "Ya Rabb" (O Master).

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    For reference, "Allah" was originally just "el ilah" ("the god"), then the two words were fused together to emphasize the unity of God. – Maurice Mizrahi Jan 11 at 18:38
  • If you speak with Jews from Islamic countries, they often say inshallah instead of beezrat Hashem. – Kazi bácsi Jan 16 at 8:01

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