Many questions already dealt with the "authenticity" of our Masora (Torah Scrolls): why-does-orthodoxy-hold-that-the-torah-has-not-changed, has-the-torah-been-changed-over-the-ages and many more.

I stumbled upon this passage in the JT Taanit 20,2:

שלשה ספרים מצאו בעזרה: ספר מעוני וספר זעטוטי וספר היא.
באחד מצאו כתוב מעון אלהי קדש ובשנים כתיב מענה אלהי קדם וקיימו שנים וביטלו אחד.
באחד מצאו כתוב וישלח את זעטוטי בני ישראל ובשנים כתוב וישלח את נערי בני ישראל וקיימו שנים וביטלו אחד.

Three Torah Scrolls were found (?) in the Azara [area of the Temple]: ... the two read "זעטוטי" and another read "נערי". They canceled one and set the other as standard.

What bothers me is:

  • the Gemmorah does not treat the odd scroll either as wrong or of a different sect, but treats them all as equal.

  • the three scrolls were kept in the Azara (where the original scrolls were kept to copy all other scrolls from) and not considered invalidated or canceled when they were found.

  • seemingly, the decision to keep one version was based on the majority, and not the tradition or checking other sources.

How this story can be explained in the current Halachic framework?

  • (1) they were all odd (3) maybe they didn't have other sources? Although זעטוטי is weird enough that somebody should have remembered it was either there or not – Heshy Jan 9 at 18:59
  • 4
    What needs to be explained? This is exactly the same as the current Halakhic framework. It's the source of it, in fact, not an obscure secret passage. All Torahs written following a tradition are Kosher and we pick from the majority of old-authoritative texts to determine how to write the next one. Jews have been doing this for centuries. Open Shulchan Arukh or Minchat Shai and see what they write. – Double AA Jan 9 at 19:43
  • @DoubleAA Can you make it official? Like "We have no tradition from Moses, no existing books anywhere else, we just found three books and we just decided, to pick the future standard randomly." So you're saying both זעטוטי and נערי is Kosher now according to the Halachah, can they both be kept simultaneously? – Al Berko Jan 9 at 22:19
  • I don't understand your response to me – Double AA Jan 9 at 22:19

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