Hypothetically, if the IDF was a “halachically run” military force; what would be the Halacha against killing innocents?

For example, there is a famous case of the ל"ה troops during the Israeli war of independence. Where they came across an innocent Arab farmer, their orders were to kill anyone but they decided not to because he was innocent knowing that he might tell on them to the local Arab legion. Long story short the Arab farmer told and all 35 died. Is there any Halacha related to killing innocents in a time of war, more so if it was a Jewish/“halachic” army?

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    That "famous case" is apocryphal. It didn't actually happen – Double AA Jan 4 at 17:04
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    Collateral damage sounds more like property damage. Do you mean to only ask about innocent civilian life? (Who's an innocent civilian? The Arab in the story certainly wasn't. He was a Rodef.) – Double AA Jan 4 at 17:07
  • I agree with DoubleA, please clarify if you refer to the loss of human lives or property. – Al Berko Jan 5 at 19:39
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    AFAIK, we have no Halahic laws of war conduct, except for מלחמת מצווה probably where everyone is killed. I also think, who's claiming damages and in which court, who are the witnesses and what do we have to say. In Jewish Halacha only a King can declare and run warfare and everything is a subject to his own rulings, not even to Sanhedrin. So King's one to decide I think. – Al Berko Jan 5 at 19:45
  • I was was specifically asking about loss of human life. – Yaakov Jan 5 at 23:56

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