Would tzitzit be kosher if tied by a woman? A woman may not wear tzitzit. Would there be a halachic problem with a woman knotting the tzitzit on a garment to be worn by a man? What are the relevant sources?

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dailyhalacha explains the context and writes that

Halacha requires that the Tzitzit be affixed to the garment and its knots be tied "Lishma" – meaning, with the intention that this is being done for the purpose of the Mitzva of Tzitzit. Although the Rambam held that this is not necessary, normative Halacha follows the view that one must affix and tie the Tzitzit with this specific intention in mind. The question arises as to whether we would also demand that the person tying the Tzitzit is himself included in the obligation of Tzitzit. Given that women, children and gentiles are not included in this Mitzva, should we disqualify them from tying the Tzitzit to the garment?

Maran [the author of Shulchan Aruch] rules that a woman may, indeed, tie Tzitzit, provided that she has the required intention, and we may trust her word that she had this intention. [SA OC 14:1] [see there further for children and non-Jews)

Shulchan Aruch HaRav brings a list of

  • those who permit: first and stam opinion in Admur ibid; Michaber 14/1; Tosafus Menachos 42a; Rosh Tzitzis 13
  • those who rule it is invalid: second opinion in Admur; Rama 14/1; Hagahos Maimanis in name of Maharam; Rabbeinu Tam in Gittin 45b, brought in Taz 14/1, Artzos Hachaim 14/1, brought in M”B 14/4; Kesav Sofer 1; Mahrsham 8/7; Daas Torah 14; Meishiv Davar 1/47

He concludes that

Practically, we rule like the first opinion that they are valid, although it is best to initially be stringent like the latter opinion. However, in the event that a woman or child did so, the Tzitzis is deemed valid if it was done Leshma.

See footnotes 33-37 for more details.

R Yirmiyohu Kaganoff, in a detailed article, writes

It is preferable that women not be the ones who insert the tzitzis strings onto the garment and tie them, since women are absolved from fulfilling this mitzvah (Rama, Orach Chayim 14:1 and commentaries)

See also Halachipedia footnote 12

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