As I grew in my Jewish self I've started to be very weary of the people I surround myself with and (right now way more importantly) the people I want to surround myself in the future. Same can be said about movies and music.

Lets say there is a song with a nice beat, a catchy melody. The group that performs this song is obviously gay, 'liberal'/western and spits on the value of Torah with their appereance (men with lip stick and piercings, women with immodest clothes) and their behaviours and views on life. Or another example: a cool hip-hop rap song with a cool melody that just 'pumps' you up, makes you feel energized. Puts you in a time or place mentally which you just feel good. The problem is: the lyrics contain a lot of negative words. Like I'm with haShem mentally and suddenly I hear the word 'bi***' or 'f***' through my headphones.

What are the implications of listening to such kind of music? On one hand, it makes me feel awesome. On the other hand, it is indecent to hear those words while thinking about Him. I'm just like 'If they would only replace those particular words...'.

Obviously this never happens with instrumental orchestral music which also fills me with joy.