We know that the last will (צוואה) is a sort of free gift, and unlike the inheritance that's automatic and predefined, can be very creative and only depends on the deceased's imagination.

I'm looking for Halachic sources of prioritization of different beneficiaries, one over another. Say, I have $1M to leave as inheritance and I'm very emotionless and I love them all equally and willing to follow the Jewish Halachah entirely and I have all of the following:

  1. One's Sons over Daughters
  2. Married over unmarried
  3. Observant children vs secular or even מומרים.
  4. Healthy over ill
  5. Rich children over the poor (and to what extent)
  6. Other relatives (in-laws, even parents, distant relatives) over one's kids
  7. Charity and Donations over leaving the money in the family.

Maybe some additional considerations.

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