I'm learning Hilchos Mikvahos (YD 201). I'm learning Tur, Bais Yosaf, Shulchan Aruch with the Nosa Kalim. Does anybody know of any good sefarim on mikvoas.


‘Afikei Mayim’ is the sefer which is a collection of all relevant core material beginning with Toseftot and Mishnayot of Masechet Mikvaot down to later halachah and classic responsa. ‘Divrei Yosef’ by R. Ovadiah Yosef Toledano is a wonderful sefer on mikvaot. ‘Torat Moshe’ by R. Moshe Wilner is nice too. (There are plenty of other seforim dealing with all sorts of Mikvaot related topics; you may want to consider specifying a preference in subject matter. This thread should keep you busy.)

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