Let's say me and John the non-Jew are partners in a business owning 50 percent each. Can I...

  1. tell John that as far as I'm concerned we'll close on Shabbos but if he wants to keep the business open (since after all, HE loses money as well if we close then) then he can do that.

  2. collect the money made on that day?

I base this on the fact Amira La'akum does not apply if I did not tell the non-Jew to do the work and if he does the Melacha for himself it's not Assur to benefit from it (source 39 Melochos book).

Are there any discussions of this kind of deal?

Does it matter which one is the CEO?

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    See Shulchan Aruch OC chapter 245, it discusses this and many similar cases. – Ploni Oct 12 '18 at 4:26

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