1. Staying in the Succah is a DeOrayso Mitzvah
  2. עוסק במצווה פטור ממצוה,

How one is allowed to leave his Succah for another Mitzvah/not Mitzvah at all, like a hike? Is it because he's automatically considered "suffering" to perform another Mitzvah?

For example, we also hold that זריזים מקדימים למצווה so once the night falls, we can't do anything else before performing this Mitzvah. Why do we go to a shul and daven Maariv?

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    I imagine the answer to this revised question is going to be based on applying תשבו כעין תדורו - one leaves one’s house for all manner of things – Joel K Sep 25 '18 at 19:37

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