What Bracha do you make on an acai bowl?

These bowls usually contain yogurt, berries, and granola.

Here is a link for reference: Acai Bowl

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    Maybe they usually contain yogurt, but the one you link to contains none (but has açai purée, which you don't list).
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Assuming you eat each food separately, you would make separate blessings on the berries (ha'eitz for acai or blueberries which grow from a tree, but strawberries and wild berries would be ha'adama, see here), granola (ha'adama, cf here, if not said on the berries already) and yoghurt (shehakol), in that order.

If you eat the yoghurt as a mixture, the rules of ikar (main) and tafel (secondary) come into play (see here). This means one says the blessing on the main ingredient, in this case the yoghurt, which is sheakol. But you enter into doubtful territory if the berries are granola are not well mixed/incorporated into the yoghurt. If there is less yoghurt, you could argue the other way around, that the berries are granola are the ikar and the yoghurt doesn't need its own blessing. The safest halachic aproach is therefore the the first above.

As always, CYLOR before applying anything halachic you read on the Internet.


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