Can you buy something from a large online retailer (eg Amazon), which employs non-Jews, on Friday if it has one-day shipping?

This would force someone to do the work of mailing/transporting the object on Shabbat. A Shabbat goy can do work for you without being directly asked. If you are placing the order, you are, seemingly, effectively telling them to do work for you.

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  • Your question is based on a wrong premise that someone is working for you. They work for Amazon. You're not the employer, so you did not cause anybody to work. You order it online and you don't care how they are going to do that. But employing Goyim is not a problem at all - employing Jews is a more serious one, but my comment addresses it too. – Al Berko Sep 11 '18 at 22:10
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    It is forbidden to benefit from a forbidden action that a non-Jew did specifically on behalf of a Jew. – chacham Nisan Sep 12 '18 at 18:57
  • @chacham but here they didn't know it was a jew. Would that make a difference? Additionally are you benefiting from this? Could they have quickly done all assur activities before shabbos, put it in a crate on Friday, and then shipped it to you (the box inside a truck/plane would especially not be carrying for you since there are other boxes with it). – Orion Oct 12 '18 at 4:11

It depends. If you receive the item after Shabbat ended, then yes. During Shabbos? No.

Duplicate: Can a Jew order something (without receiving it) on Shabbos?

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  • If the item is delivered and placed in your mailbox (I live in a doorman building) on Shabbat, but you don't get it/open it until after Shabbat, it should not matter - no different from any other mail which might be delivered on Shabbat. – Yevgeny Sep 9 '18 at 13:35
  • True, as you don't make the non-Jew actively work for you, like let's say a bus driver or a cashier. It gets complicate though if he rings the bell and makes you sign digitally (if it's an amazon parcel or something like that). As long as he doesn't and just puts the letter into your mailbox, you're cool. After all, we are living in a western society where our Shabbes falls on their working day (meanwhile our sundays are their resting day). – Ilja Sep 9 '18 at 19:43
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