I while ago, I read through most of an English translation Rambam's Introduction to his Commentary on the Mishnah. I think it was an earlier edition of this one, but I'm not sure.

I'm looking for a good online version of the hebrew (either in download format or straight text).

I found this, but I don't know anything about its accuracy.

Some of the things I would prefer include:

  • Lots of references and sources

  • Clear and easy to read

  • If I have a choice, I would prefer something I can download (e.g. pdf).

I guess I'm looking for something close what is printed in the Hakdamot volume of the Rambam Leam.

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The Wagshal Mishnayot available on Hebrewbooks.org has another decent one, very similar to one @Shmuel answered here. It appears to be the same edition, just re-typeset, with newer, cleaner letters.

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