I have never attended an adult circumcision, and I don't know anyone, personally, who was circumcised as an adult. I'm curious if there are any notable differences between an adult and child circumcision. Examples:

  • I've never seen local anesthetics used for a child. Perhaps, babies are more tolerant of the pain than adults. Do they use any anesthetic for adults?
  • I assume that there is no sandak at an adult brit? The sandak usually holds the baby on his lap. I don't think a sandak could hold an adult on his lap.
  • In what position is the adult? Lying on a "mat"? Sitting?
  • Is recovery time longer for an adult than for a child? Are there any physical dangers / problems that may occur afterwards for an adult that are different than those that may occur for a baby? (E.g. different or higher degree of infections, etc.)
  • In the prayer after the child's brit, there's a phrase that says (loose translation):

This little one shall grow. In the manner that he entered the brit, so shall he enter Torah, Chuppah and good deeds.

I assume the we eliminate the 1st sentence. And, if he's married we would eliminate the mentioning of "Chuppah". Correct? Any substitutions, other changes?

Please include any other differences that I have not mentioned, above.


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  1. THe Gemmorah (Kiddushin 29 I think) says: "If father didn't Ccized him he's obligated to Ccze himself when he grows up" (it is not clear who's Mitzvah it is in the first place - חפצא or גברא).

  2. It's done in a medical facility under supervision, local anesthetics, you lay down on a table as any surgery.

  3. The Mohel asks you if you appoint him as your Shaliah, and since you're already on the table, you have no choice. He says the Brocho and starts the surgery.

  4. After it's done and you can stand (as long as the narcosis lasts) he/you/ Rabbi pours a glass of wine and ways the Brocho. I don't remember what exactly the wording was, but it is not Meakev for Brochos, as we hold (also can be said in any language). One is usually given his Hebrew name, just like little ones.

  5. The additions (קטן זה גדול יהיה etc) can be said in any situation and interpreted spiritually, it is not Meakev either.

  6. Recovery depends on your age (as any physical recovery) and your sexual activity (mostly your erections). As it is only "skin deep" it is not too long. (That's a question for a different group).

  7. You can throw a "Thank you" party (סעודת מצווה) inviting 10 and more male adults, eating bread, bentching and saying Divrey Torah anytime later.

This is my personal experience

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    Sources, please?
    – DonielF
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  • @DonielF I assumed it was personal experience. Am I wrong, Al Berko?
    – ezra
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  • @ezra If that is what it’s from, if he edits that in it would make for a much better answer.
    – DonielF
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    @DonielF I did it at 18 when starting my Teshuva process.
    – Al Berko
    Aug 5, 2018 at 13:56
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    Actually I was talking about "metzitza" :O
    – theblitz
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