The phrase

וְכָל בַּשָּׁלִשׁ עֲפַר הָאָרֶץ

from ישעיהו מ יב (used in the haftara of Vaeschanan) is very familiar to me from prayers, and I can't think where it's from. Moreover, Google is not helping. Does anyone know where it's found in the prayers? (Not the daily or weekly prayers: it must be from some special-occasion prayer.)

  • Just to clarify, the kamatz in Vechal is not a kamatz katan. The word means to measure (like the herbew word מיכל) and is not the hebrew word for 'all'. – Double AA Jan 25 '12 at 5:34

It's in אמרו לאלקים for Yom Kippur Shacharis. (I thought it's also in the Yotzer for Shabbos Shekalim, and the idea is indeed there, but not the exact phrase.)

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  • Thank you!! It was driving me nuts, trying to remember. (I'd looked at Sh'kalim already, but didn't have, at hand, a version with the long piyut before k'dusha, so I thought it might be there, which is why I didn't mention my research and stop others from repeating it.) – msh210 Aug 14 '11 at 5:19

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