This site gives a nice basic infographic on the distribution of the 613 Mitzvot by 4 categories: positive/negative, where, who, penalty. (I would love to have it in verbal tabular form though).

I'm looking for more [sites with] statistics on Mitzvos distribution by more categories, like:

  1. בין אדם למקום / לחבירו

  2. תמידיות / זמניות / שהזמן גרמן

  3. profession dependent/independent (king, Kohen Gadol etc)

  4. by performance type: thoughts, speech, actions, money etc.

  5. by body parts (like Sefer Haredim)

  6. unanimously accepted / debatable between Poskim (Rambam, Sma"g, Ramban etc)

  7. and more.

NB: Please don't argue about the legitimacy of the categories. I'm free to accept any additional division.

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    I'm actually working on a site like this but it's very far from done. I hope no one beats me to it :-) – robev Aug 1 '18 at 13:32

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