Who knows two hundred sixty-five?

Please cite/link your sources, if possible.

At some point between twenty-four hours and a few days from now, I will:

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  • Move on to the next number.

Lazy gematria for today is: סהר.

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Shes was 105 years old when Enosh was born. וַיְחִי-שֵׁת חָמֵשׁ שָׁנִים וּמְאַת שָׁנָה וַיּוֹלֶד אֶת-אֱנוֹשׁ.

Enosh was 90 years old when Keinon was born. וַיְחִי אֱנוֹשׁ תִּשְׁעִים שָׁנָה וַיּוֹלֶד אֶת-קֵינָן.

Keinon was 70 years old when Mahalalel was born. וַיְחִי קֵינָן שִׁבְעִים שָׁנָה וַיּוֹלֶד אֶת-מַהֲלַלְאֵל.

Based on this Shes was 265 years old when Mahalalel was born.


מודים אנחנו לך = 265 this is the unlazy one;)

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A well-trained scribe, who has to say each word aloud before writing it, can finish a Torah in about 265 days of seven to eight hours of penning per day.


In a leap year, Yom Yerushalayim is the 265th day in the year if Heshvan is whole (has 30 days) and Kislev is Haser (has 29 days) or vice versa:

Tishrei - 30 days each
Heshvan, Kislev - 59 days together
Tevet - 29 days
Shvat - 30 days
Adar A - 29 days
Adar B - 30 days
Nisan - 30 days
Iyar - 28 days (Yom Yerushalayim is on the 28th day of Iyar)

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