I'm looking for a new Chumash for school.

I want it to be one volume, with Rashi menukad. Does anyone have a suggestion?

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There aren't so many options if you want it both one-volume and menukad. The two options I know are

  • The Koren Israel - Complete Humash, see it inside here. It uses a Koren font, incl. for Rashi
  • The new Hebrew-English Steinsaltz Humash, which just came out. I have received a preview edition of Bereishit and it is really beautiful. It has a new interpolated commentary from R Steinsaltz woven into the English (like the Kehot Chabad Humash does with Rashi), the same Rashi menukad as the Koren humash above as well as discussion points and pictures (like their new Koren Steinsaltz gemara) - tell me if you want to see pictures inside

If you are willing to trade off one-volume for more commentaries, the Artscroll Mikraot Gedolot would be an alternative. That one doesn't have an English translation.


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