According to the opinion that limbs removed from a live person should be buried, may a Kohen bury limbs of his 7 krovim [first degree relatives) which were removed during their lifetime?


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YD 373:9

אין הכהן מיטמא לאבר מן החי מאביו, ולא לעצם מעצמות אביו. וכן המלקט עצמות אינו מיטמא להם אע"פ שהשדרה קיימת.

חסר ממנו כל שהוא -- אפי' הוא מונח אצלו -- אינו מיטמא לו; שאינו מיטמא אלא לשלם.

ויש מי שאומר דהני מילי כשחסר לאחר מיתה אבל אם חסר ממנו אבר בחייו ומת -- מיטמא לו אע"פ שאינו שלם. (וי"א שאינו מיטמא להרוג דמקרי חסר) (ונכון להחמיר).

The Kohen does not defile himself for a limb [severed] from his father while [the latter] was still alive, nor for a bone of his father's bones. And so too, he who collects bones, — [the law is that] he does not defile himself for them, although the spinal column is intact.

[If] a small part is missing, even if it lies beside him [the corpse], he does not defile himself for him, for he defiles himself only when he is whole.

And there is one [authority] who says that this applies only if he [the corpse becomes] defective after death, but if there is a limb missing from him during his lifetime, and [then] he died, — he defiles himself for him [the corpse], although he is not whole. And some say that he does not defile himself for a slain person, for he [the slain person] is designated defective. And it is proper to adopt the stringent view.


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