I noticed twice there was a group of people who came to Moshe and said: "are we any worse / למה נגרע?" Or: "why should it be worse / למה יגרע?". Those who were tamei and the daughters of Tzelophchad.

Their claim was valid enough for Moshe to ask Hashem what the law should be, and Hashem introduced a new halacha for the masses.

Does anyone comment on this parallel statement?


None of the standard Jewish commentaries at either location seem to make note of this. However, some modern authorities have commented on this connection, such as Rav Amnon Bazak here and Professor Natan Aviezer here, see also here and here. (Google search results here)

Edit: Daf al Hadaf to Bava Basra 119b comments on the similarity in words but difference in cantillation.

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