Yesterday, my rav read from Otzar Dinim U'minhagim, where he explains the the only time people stand for the reading of the 10 Commandments is when it is read during the Shabbat that we read parshat Yitro.

I have seen in every Orthodox Nusach Ashkenaz and Sefard shul, as well as Conservative shuls that people stand whenever the 10 Commandments are read - whether it's Yitro, Va'etchanan or during Shavuot.

What's the purpose of standing for the 10 Commandments at all times? Doesn't it relay a message, in a sense, that the 10 Commandments are more "important" than other parts of the Torah? (I'll ask a separate question regarding Shira as there's a minhag to stand for that, too.) What would make this more worthy of standing than anything else? (E.g., why not stand for the 13 middot when they are read in shul (as they are numerous times during the year). There is a minhag to stand when reciting these as part of Selichot.)

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