Is this a actually river named pikod? Are there records where it is?

(Mentioned in Zevachim 8b among other places.)

  • According to the footnotes in the Soncino Talmud (San. 32b, footnote 30), Nehar Pekod is west of Nehardea.
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The following is found in this article

כאשר כבדה ידו על עמנו, יצא ר' חנניה, בן אחי ר' יהושע הלוי, לשבת לבטח בין אחינו שבבבל, ובראותו עני היושבים בארץ הקדש מורה מאד, גמר בלבו ליסד תורה על מכוניה בבבל, ויבחר לו לשבתו את העיר נהר-פקוד הקרובה לנהרדעא.

When oppression increased on our people, R' Chananya the son of the brother of R' Yehoshua HaLevi went out to safety amongst our brothers in Babylon and when he saw the great poverty in Eretz Yisroel, decided to establish Torah in Babylon and decided to settle in Nehar-Pekod, near Nehardeya.

This article about Babylon in the אנציקלופדיה אביב mentions the main towns of Babylon in which Jews settled amongst which is Nehar-Pekod.

There is an article in Encyclopaedia Judaica which reads:

NEHAR PEKOD , according to earlier scholars a town in the district of Nehardea (Babylonia), and according to more recent research, between Sura and Nippur. Nehar Pekod gained note after the tanna R. Hananiah, the nephew of the tanna R. Joshua b. Hananiah, settled there following the suppression of the Bar Kokhba revolt in Ereẓ Israel (Sanh. 32b).

This map shows the town of Nippur.

So it seems that Nehar Pekod was a town in Babylon.

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