When should one make a bracha when separating "challah" from a dough? I'm assuming like almost all mitzvas it's to be done "before" the mitzvah. One has the dough prepared in front of them, they make the bracha, then remove a small piece of the dough, say "this is challah, and set it aside.

However I saw a video that shows the Belzer Rebbetzin (wife of the current Belzer Rebbe) removing a small portion of the dough in front of her, placing it into a bag, covering the dough and then holding it above the covered dough, then with great enthusiasm makes the bracha (holding the small portion) and ends off with "this is challah". Is she able to make the bracha after already separating it because she didn't pronounce that it was challah yet? I'm assuming being the wife of the Belzer Rebbe and daughter of the previous Vitzhnitzer Rebbe of Bnei Brak that she would know how to properly take challah and when to make the bracha. Is this an okay way to do this mitzvah? Is there a more preferred way (as mentioned that the bracha be made before separating anything)?

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    This might come across as a personal "attack" on a specific person. You might want to reword it. – aBochur Apr 15 '18 at 2:10
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  • If you don't intend to declare the piece holy when breaking it off, then the Mitzva hasn't been done yet. I don't know why one would prefer to break off a piece and then later declare it Challah vs just declaring it when breaking it off. Either way seems 100% fine. – Double AA Apr 15 '18 at 14:13
  • (Talmud Berachot and Pesachim)כל המצוות מברכין עליהן עובר לעשייתן חוץ מטבילת הגר – chacham Nisan Oct 14 '18 at 15:43

The Kitzur Shulchan Aruch in סימן לה - הלכות חלה says to first make the bracha and then to separate the Challa:

סעיף א': עִסָּה מֵחֲמֵשֶׁת מִינֵי דָּגָן חַיֶּבֶת בְּחַלָּה. קֹדֶם שֶׁמַּפְרִישִׁין הַחַלָּה מְבָרְכִין, בָּרוּךְ אַתָּה ה' אֱלֹהֵינוּ מֶלֶךְ הָעוֹלָם אֲשֶׁר קִדְּשָׁנוּ בְּמִצְוֹתָיו וְצִוָנוּ לְהַפְרִישׁ חַלָּה. וְנוֹטְלִין כַּזַּיִת מִן הָעִסָּה וְשׂוֹרְפִין אוֹתָהּ בָּאֵשׁ. וְהַמִּנְהָג לְשָׂרְפָהּ בַּתַנוּר שֶׁיֹּאפוּ שָׁם אֶת הַלֶּחֶם. ‏

But I cannot find a source for that in הלכות חלה in Shulchan Aruch, Yoreh Deah.

  • He doesn't specify declaring it Challah. Perhaps declaring is what he means by "separating". (Indeed breaking a dough into pieces is of no inherent Halakhic significance, though breaking off a piece with intent that it be Holy may be equivalent to an explicit declaration.) – Double AA Apr 15 '18 at 14:08

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