1. Is farming virtual currencies(like world of warcraft gold) in online games and then selling it for real money allowed?
  2. Is it considered like stealing from the company that owns the game?
  3. Is boosting players for real money in games like league of legends allowed?
  4. Is selling game accounts for real money allowed?

    It is stated in most TOS that it is forbidden to sell currency and accounts.

    Also in some TOS it is stated that the company owns everything in the game.

    Boosting is also not allowed.

    Farming currency means acquiring it by doing certain actions in the game like killing monsters and then you give it to someone else in the game and he gives you real money outside of the game.

    Boosting means someone pays you real money outside of the game for you to play from his account and increase his rank.

    Also in some games the company sells the currency for real money inside the game but its much more expensive and when you sell the currency outside without the approval of the company you place a lower price and thus causing players to dont buy from the company.

    But it is you who makes the gold and the account by playing.

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    Could you please edit this post to clarify: A) what you mean by "farming" and "boosting" (so people who are expert in Judaism but not MMORPG can contribute), and B) why you think that these actions may count as stealing or may otherwise be prohibited by Judaism? – Isaac Moses Apr 12 '18 at 15:46
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    @msh210 True, I was likely reading in to the question using my own knowledge of video games and my own understanding of the question. Otherwise, I don't really see any reason why all those things wouldn't be allowed. Why wouldn't you be allowed to sell your goods and services for money? But that's really up to the questioner to clarify. – Salmononius2 Apr 12 '18 at 18:51
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