What is teshuva for non Jews? Im Christian and have broken some laws of Noah, so does praying for forgiveness as a Christian and not doing the sin constitute teshuva for me? Or is just feeling regret and not doing the sin again teshuva?


First of all, to clarify, I am not a Rabbi.

In your post you say you are a Christian and you have broken some of the laws of Noah and you would like too know what exactly tshuvah (repentance) means for you.

I will do my utmost best to explain what tshuvah means for us Jews (based on the knowledge I have received from my rabbis) and I believe it is applicable to Gentiles as well. What I have learned is first of all tshuvah is not guilt tshuvah is repentance. The purpose of tshuvah is to rectify what you have done wrong and to get closer to G-d by using this as a step for growth. While it is sometimes a guilty feeling that brings people that is not what tshuvah is and I have learned is that the first step in tshuvah is letting that guilty feeling go as guilt does not promote growth because it brings on feelings of despair and is counterproductive to what we are actually trying to achieve (getting closer to G-d).

On a practical level this is what I have learned are the steps of tshuvah:

  1. Understand that we have done something wrong

  2. Understand that we have done is done and now we have to fix that and self guilt is not the proper way to fix it

  3. In our own words apologize for what we have done

  4. Ask G-d to forgive us

  5. Make a commitment not to what we have done ever again

  6. Ask G-d to help us honor that commitment by helping us from above

  7. Ask that the connection between G-d and you becomes stronger and that this experience will be used to strengthen the connection between G-d and you.

That is what I learned tshuvah is and I believe it is can be easily applied for a Gentile.

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