There are different minhagim as to how the shin is supposed to look on the tefillin shel rosh. Is there somewhere where I can view each of the most common minhagim? (Ashkenaz, Sepharad, Arizal, Chabad, Teiman, etc.) Maybe someone could provide pictures of each?

  • Do you mean as opposed to how they look in the writing? – Double AA Apr 3 '18 at 14:38
  • See R Dr Arusi's article about this in Masorah Leyosef 8 – Double AA Apr 3 '18 at 14:39

If what you want are simply pictures, I can present examples.

The first figure shows Beit Yosef, Ariza"l, and Sephardi shins for tefillin and the second, Chabad tefillin (and shin).

Fig. 1 tefillin shins B"Y, Ar"i, Wellisch source

Fig. 2 Chabad tefillin shin

As far as I've seen, most Teimanim use the same shin as is found on Sephardi tefillin.

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