I'd like to start saying Tikkun Chatzot, but I don't think it exists in any of the siddurim I have (Tefilas Shlomo, Schottenstein Ed. Interlinear, Complete Artscroll Siddur). Does Artscroll offer a Tikkun Chatzot?

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You probably want The Sweetest Hour; it's a Breslov publication. They claim it's the first English translation of Tikun Chatzot.

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    That's exactly what I'm looking for. I'd like it in more of a siddur-like layout, but this works :) Commented Jul 27, 2011 at 1:00

No, I don't think so. Are you looking for an English translation, commentary, what are you looking for?

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  • +1. Specifying what's sought precisely helps potential answerers answer. (OTOH, a request for such specification belongs in a comment on the question rather than in an answer.)
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No, ArtScroll has not yet published a Tikkun Chatzot at all, not even in Hebrew (the text is not found in any of their siddurim). To my knowledge, there is no plans to do so either.

The Breslov Siddur, translated by Rabbi Avraham Sutton and Chaim Kramer, indeed has an English/Hebrew Tikkun Chatzot in the back. The entire siddur is an amazing gem in itself anyways, even for people who are not Breslov.

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