Bowing is considered as a way to show respect, that's why one could bow to a king (Melachim 1:1:23) or why the brothers of Yosef bowed down to him (Bereshit 42:6).

We dance with the Torah on Simchat Torah as a way to show our love.

But these two examples aren't considered as worship, giving respect isn't idol worship, showing love neither, worship an idol/deity is what's considered idol worship. So showing respect to the Torah isn't considered idol worship for example (as asked in this question).

But does this mean that showing respect or love for a human who's considered to be a deity is allowed? Or show love for a satue (because I fancy the looks of it) is assur? Is it permissable to show love, respect etc. in a similar fashion to someone or something which is considered to be an idol/deity if one doesn't worship this idol/deity? (although one knows it's considered to be an idol/deity by others or could be considered as one).

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