One of the seven laws of Noah for gentiles is to set up a system of courts.

Is the obligation to set up a system of courts a communal obligation on Gentile communities, or does every single Gentile have an individual obligation to make a specific minimum level of effort or contribution toward the establishment of Noachide courts? If it is individual, what level of effort or contribution is required from each Gentile?

For example, if a Gentile determines that setting up Noachide courts is politically very unlikely and that most Gentiles in his community actively oppose such courts, can he say "Well, I tried!" and move on with his life, or is he required to spend all that he has toward political lobbying, even if he ends up a bankrupt social outcast? If a Gentile finds that he is the only Gentile in his community interested in a Noachide court, is he required to just up and appoint himself as a judge and start issuing rulings (even though those rulings could never actually be enforced)?

In response to @heshy 's question about whether the courts themselves must be Noachide, that can be part of an answer to the question. One could argue that modern-day secular courts fulfill most of what would be expected from a biblical Noachide court, but do the gaps in practice invalidate them as fulfilling the obligation? For example, the regular civil and criminal courts in the area in which I live will not take action against a person for worshiping an idol (under the principle of Freedom of Religion) or for cursing God (Free Speech). The law against adultery is no longer enforced (they will laugh at you if you try to file a case). The courts do take action against murderers and thieves, though there are probably minor differences in how edge cases are handled versus how halacha says they should be. Do Noachides have an obligation to lobby their local legislature to make idolatry and blasphemy illegal? Is there an "eh, good enough" principle?

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    I think it's sort of discussed here in the Nosei Keilim, but I don't have it clear enough to answer... hebrewbooks.org/… – רבות מחשבות Mar 23 '18 at 20:02
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    are you sure the courts must be noahide? it sounds like that from rmbm, but i'm curious if they can't get away with any sensible court system (of course not like in sadom) – heshy Mar 23 '18 at 20:12
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    i believe this is also discussed in the acharonim, also see the meforshim by Shimon & Levi killing out the people of Shechem. – Ibber Chochem Mar 23 '18 at 21:20
  • Is this two separate questions? – Dr. Shmuel Feb 24 at 20:50
  • @Dr.Shmuel no, the question is in the title. The rest is just explanation. – Robert Columbia Feb 25 at 1:13

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