Vayikra 6:12 mentions a repeatedly baked meal offering. I am looking for an actual recipe for this.


Rambam describes the process in his Laws of the Actions of the Offerings, at the beginning of chapter 13 (Hebrew | English).

וכיצד עשיית חביתי כוהן גדול: מביא עישרון שלם, וחוצהו בחצי עישרון שבמקדש--שאף על פי שהיא קרבה חציין, אינה מתקדשת לחציין; ומביא עימה שלושת לוגין שמן--שנאמר "בשמן תיעשה" (ויקרא ו,יד), להוסיף לה שמן כנסכי הכבש.

ובולל הסולת בשמן, וחולט אותה ברותחין, ולש מכל חצי עישרון, שש חלות; נמצאו שתים עשרה חלות. ואחת אחת היו נעשות. וכיצד עושה: מחלק השלושת לוגין ברביעית שבמקדש, רביעית לכל חלה; ואופה החלה מעט, ואחר כך קולה אותה על המחבת בשאר רביעית השמן שלה. ואינו מבשלה הרבה--שנאמר "תופיני" (ויקרא ו,יד), בין בשל ונא.

ואחר כך חולק כל חלה וחלה לשניים, באומד--כדי שיקריב החצי בבוקר, והחצי בערב; ולוקח החציין, וכופל כל אחד מהן לשניים, ופותת עד שתימצא כל פתיתה כפולה לשניים. ומקריב החציין עם חצי קומץ לבונה, בבוקר; והחצי הנשאר עם חצי קומץ לבונה, בערב.

How was the chavitin offering of the High Priest prepared? He would bring an entire isaron and sanctify it and then divide it in half with the half isaron measure in the Temple. [This was necessary,] because even though it was offered in half [portions], it was not sanctified in half portions. Three lugim of oil are brought with it, as [Leviticus 6:13] states: "You shall prepare it with oil," i.e., [an amount of] oil equivalent to the accompanying offering for a lamb should be added to it. The flour should be mixed with the oil and then scalded with boiling [liquid].

Each half isaron should be kneaded into six loaves. Thus there are a total of twelve loaves.

[These loaves] were prepared one by one.

How were they prepared? The three lugim of oil would be divided [into twelve] using the measure of a revi'it [of a log] that existed in the Temple, a revi'it for each loaf. The loaf would be baked some and then fried on the flat frying-pan with the remainder of its oil. It should not be cooked very much, for [Leviticus 6:14] uses the term tufinei which implies something between cooked and lightly cooked.

Afterwards, each loaf should be divided into two by approximation, so that half can be offered in the morning and half in the evening. He should take the halves and fold each one of them in half and then divide [the loaves at] the folds so that each flat cake will be folded in half. He then offers the halves with half of a handful of frankincense in the morning and the remaining half with half a handful of frankincense in the evening.

  • They brought half loaves as offerings. I would have thought that they would bring full loaves. Is offering half loaves seen elsewhere? – Yehuda W Mar 20 '18 at 17:03
  • @YehudaW Nothing comes to mind at the moment – Double AA Mar 20 '18 at 18:41

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