A Devar Torah I was reading stated that it is well known that the prosperity and success of a community is based on the merit of the people who founded that community. This is a fascinating concept. What is the source of that?

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Never mind, I found it. Its the Rav on Avos 2:2

שזכות אבותם מסיעתן. שזכות אבותן של צבור וצדקתן העומדת לעד היא המסיעת אל העוסקין עמהן להוציא לאור צדקן, ולא מצד טוב השתדלותן של העוסקים: "for the merit of their ancestors sustains them": For the merit and righteousness (tsidkatan) of the ancestors of the community - which stands forever - sustains those that work with them, to bring their righteousness to the fore. And it is not from the angle of the efforts of those that work [for the community].

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