The Torah commands us to love converts: ואהבתם את הגר (Ekev 10:19)

Are the children of converts considered "converts" in this context, or are they considered normal Jews?

  • Where does it say that we need to love them more? Commented Mar 15, 2018 at 14:13
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  • Like TrustMe said, where does it say we need to love converts? Please edit your question to clarify and provide context.
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  • i did. its printed in every chumash!
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    The passuk you quoted doesn't convey that we ought to give converts extra love... It's just that we are to love them. We are commanded to love our fellow Jew, also: ואהבת לרעך כמוך (Vayikra 19:18)
    – ezra
    Commented Mar 21, 2018 at 5:25

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The Talmud, Sanhedrin 94a, has a discussion about what "VaYichad Yitro" (Shemot 18:10) means. Shmuel says (as Rashi explains) that it means that he was very pained by the news of the downfall of Egypt. Rav (or Rav Pappa) says that this is what the people mean when they say that a convert, even up to 10 generations after the conversion, you should not disparage and Aramean in his presence.

היינו דאמרי אינשי גיורא עד עשרה דרי לא תבזה ארמאי קמיה

Literal translation:

This is the popular saying, "A convert, until 10 generations, do not disparage an Aramean in his presence."

So we see that even the descendant of a convert called a convert in this case, and requires extra sensitivity.


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