This symbol appears on Trader Joe's Organic Tahini.

I have searched in a lot places, but cannot find it. The product is made in Greece. Anyone know who gives this hechsher and if it is reliable?

  • I've also been wondering about this hechsher on the Trader Joe's Organic Tahini. Did you ever find out more about it? Thanks! – Rachel B Jul 9 at 20:47

Trader Joes shows this hechsher as

79 Kosher in Greece Vassileos Irakliou 26, 54624. Thessaloniki, Greece +302310-275.701 Rabbi Rav Shitrit Eliahu jctrabbi.saloniki@gmail.com

Kosher Food In Greece entry is ten years old.


Monastirioton Synagogue 35, Sygrou St. (open primarily on High Holidays) Thessaloniki, Greece Tel: Fax: Email: Website: Rabbi Eliyahu Shitrit , jctrabbi.saloniki@gmail.com work: 2310221124 Home: 2310223921 Mobile: 6936896094 Kosher food: You may order kosher meals through the Rabbi Mikvah: Please call Rabanit Shitrit: 2310223921

Last updated on: December 5, 2007


The certification is called Kosher in Greece. Rabbi is Rabbi Eliyahu Shitrit.

I will add in more information after Purim.

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