I believe those two discussions were in the same daf. anyone can help?

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    Bava Basra 14b-15a is a good place to start
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Here is the list as described in Bava Basra. The link is to the Daf Yomi outline of the relevant parts.

Baba Basra 14b Art Scroll version 14 b 3-4


(a)Question: Who wrote Torah, the Nevi'im and Kesuvim?

(b)Answer: Moshe wrote the Torah, including the Parshah of Bilam, and Sefer Iyov;

(c)Yehoshua wrote Sefer Yehoshua and the last eight verses of the Torah;

(d)Shmuel wrote Sefer Shmuel, Shoftim and Rus;

(e)David and ten other Chachamim composed Tehilim - Adam, Malki Tzedek (Shem), Avraham, Moshe, Heiman, Yedusun, Asaf, and Korach's three sons.

Bava Basra 15a


(a)Yirmeyahu wrote Sefer Yirmeyahu, Melachim and Eichah;

(b)Chizkiyahu and his contemporaries wrote Yeshayah, Mishlei, Shir ha'Shirim and Koheles;

(c)The men of the Great Assembly wrote Yechezkeil, the 12, Daniel and Megilas Esther;

(d)Ezra wrote Sefer Ezra, and the lineage at the beginning of Divrei ha'Yamim until himself (Rashi; Tosfos - until the verse "v'Lo Achim Benei Yehoshafat");

1.This supports Rav, who said that Ezra did not leave Bavel until he established his own lineage.

2.Question: Who finished Divrei ha'Yamim?

3.Answer: Nechemyah did.

(e)(Beraisa): Yehoshua wrote Sefer Yehoshua and the last eight verses of the Torah.

(f)Tana'im argue about whether Moshe or Yehoshua wrote the last eight verses.

1.(Beraisa - R. Yehudah or R. Nechemyah): Moshe could not have written "va'Yamas Sham Moshe"!

i.Rather, Moshe wrote until here. Yehoshua wrote the rest.

2.Objection (R. Shimon): Had Moshe omitted even one letter of the Torah, it would not say "Lako'ach Es Sefer ha'Torah ha'Zeh"!

i.Rather, until here, Hash-m dictated the Torah and Moshe wrote;

ii.For these last eight verses, Hash-m dictated and Moshe wrote b'Dema (with tears; Sefas Emes - he wrote the letters without spaces between words).

3.Similarly, Yirmeyahu dictated his prophecy to Baruch (who wrote it; Rashi - similarly, Baruch did not repeat the verses due to remorse) - "mi'Piv Yikra Elai... va'Ani Kosev."

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