Follow up to a previous PTIJ question that I asked about why the Aron (ark) had cabbages on top of it.

Shemot 25:20 says that the cabbages should spread their wings upwards to cover the ark curtain. How did the cabbages get their wings?

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From this recipe:


Therefore, the wings aren't really cabbage wings, but chicken wings.

However, this will have to do with the Machlokes of whether or not one can one can use animals as a Sechach (whether they are considered Gidulei Karka), see Rashi Sukkah 11b. This is necessary because it says:

סוככים בכנפיהם על הכפורת

  • Hot wingeddy wing! I was just looking at a similar recipe and was about to post it as my own answer. As for covering, I think the sauce can be used for schach. – DanF Feb 21 '18 at 17:19
  • @DanF good idea for Schach. But only if it's congealed, as we see at the top of the next Amud (Yayin Karush Haba Misnir)... sefaria.org/Sukkah.12a.4?lang=bi&with=Rashi&lang2=en – רבות מחשבות Feb 21 '18 at 17:23

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