After having been read the story of Bigsana Visseresh, Achashveirosh asks if Mordechai was rewarded. Well, he heard the story as well as the guy reciting it. What's the point in asking about the story if it's not in the book?

The obvious answer is, that the guy reading it can see the pictures. So this leaves me wondering if they were color pictures, black & white, or sepia?

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    Besides, Achashveirosh wanted the book read to him when he couldn't sleep, and everyone knows the best bedtime stories have pictures!
    – ezra
    Feb 16, 2018 at 16:23

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Actually their "black" ink was more blue-ish, so "B&W" photos were actually blue-and-white:

ומרדכי יצא מלפני המלך בלבוש מלכות תכלת וחור

The king had Mordechai printed up in Royal Garb magazine, in blue and white.


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