I think the question title pretty much states everything.

I'm seeking a live shiur (lecture) that focuses on iyun tefilla - understanding the prayers. Preferably, I would like the class to discuss things from a somewhat "introductory" level focusing on the history of prayer, overall, how it evolved, how and why it eventually became congregational, and when / why it moved to a Bet Knesset. I'd also like it to focus on a selected prayer service (e.g. Shacharit weekday, etc.)

I have been reading Steinzaltz intro book on prayer and it is quite good. But, I'd prefer a live discussion either in person or online (Skype, etc.) I haven't been able to locate either. Does anyone have any suggestions?


You might like to consider the online course from Chabad "The Heart of Prayer".

The first lecture was good and did not involve any problems of nusach. There are stored recordings and a Facebook page where comments and questions can be left for the lecturer.

This is the summary "About the Course" - the syllabus is at the website.

Prayer can be one of the most confounding of spiritual practices. If it is a personal, meditative, soul experience, then why is so much of it dictated by formality and structured liturgy? If we are praying to an all-knowing higher power, then why do we need to express thoughts, feelings and needs that are already revealed? It turns out that prayer is about developing a relationship. And just like any intimate relationship, it is full of nuances and subtleties; there is both an art and a science to prayer.

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