If a cooking pot was expressly intentionally toveled in a kosher mikva by someone who is not religious (intentionally does not keep shabbat, kosher etc.) and did not make a blessing, but followed all other requirements (eg. removed labels) is the pot considered toveled? The fact that the item was toveled can be independently corroborated (3rd party or video camera etc.)

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Yes, t'vila (immersion) of objects requires no special intent or indeed human action at all and is valid even if the object fell into the water (Aruch Hashulchan 120:12). However, an adult [religious] Jew must have seen the immersion to ensure it took place (Rama :14–15), though Aruch Hashulchan (:13) says a minor suffices when immersing glass [or porcelain], as it requires immersion only by rabbinical decree; I don't know whether video surveillance suffices for this.


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