(Inspired by Who was Yehoshua Bin Nun's father?, as well as the riddle "What was Kalev ben Yefuneh's father's name?" "Chetzron!")

Looking for sources that an actual person named Yefuneh actually existed, and what we know about him/her (perhaps someone suggests Yefuneh was a woman).

I'm aware that the opinion of many Mefarshim is that of Gemara Sotah 11b, that Kalev's father's name was actually Chetzron, but I'm looking for other opinions.


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Gershon Gold answered the related question Was Caleb a foreigner (Non-Isralite)? as follows:

Divrei Hayomim 2:18 says that Caleb was the son of Chetzron. Radak there says that this is Caleb ben Yefune. Radak says he was known as ben Yefune since he turned away from the Meraglim's blasphemy of the land.

Ibn Ezra disagrees and says his father's name was Yefune and his grandfather's name was Kenaz.

So we have the view of the Ibn Ezra.

Wikipedia acknowledges two people: Caleb, son of Jephunneh and Caleb, son of Hezron.

Caleb, son of Jephunneh (Numbers 13:6) is not to be confused with Caleb, great-grandson of Judah through Tamar (1 Chronicles 2:3-9). This other Caleb was the son of Hezron, and his wife was Azubah (I Chronicles 2:18,19).

Josh Waxman in his parshablog maintains that contradictions between Divrei Hayomim and the rest of Tanach are resolved at the level of derash and therefore

...on the level of peshat, we need not say that this is the same Calev, even though both are from the tribe of Yehuda.

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    Hm... Ibn Ezra, or Wikipedia? Who should I trust?
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