I am considering upgrading my iPhone from iOS version 10 to version 11. If I do so, I will lose the use of my current sidur (prayer book) app, which doesn't work on iOS 11. So I'm seeking recommendations for another. Each recommendation should please include (among other things) an indication of which of the following criteria the app meets and how it does so:

  • The sidur should include nusach "S'farad" (like chasidim use, or similar, but I don't mean nusach Chabad). Ideally, it should contain only such a nusach, or have the option to hide undesired nuschaos, so as to minimize confusion.
  • It should include everything recited on a weekday mincha and maariv, such as "Yaale v'yavo", "V'al hanisim", "Anenu", "Vaanenu bore olam", tachanun, "Dirshu Hashem b'himatz'o", "Avinu malkenu", Psalm 27, and Psalm 49. It should allow easy access to such things as are said from time to time, ideally without being intrusive. (If it has birkas hamazon too, so much the better. That it have Shacharis is not important to me, but I don't mind it.)
  • It should be free of charge.
  • It should have a table of contents or the like, for quick tapping to the appropriate part of the sidur.
  • It should not translate or transliterate prayers. Alternatively, it should have the option to hide such translation/transliteration.
  • It need not have instructions.

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I have used RustyBrick's iOS siddur for years. Here is how it fares against your criteria:

  • it has all nusachim (ashkenazim, sefard, edot hamizrach, chabad) and you can choose which one you want at any point in time (i.e., it only shows one at a time)
  • it has all prayers recited on any weekday, incl. special days (e.g., fasts, Rosh Hodesh) - it has an option to only show what you need to see on that day (they call it smart siddur)
  • it has birkat hamazon and all other blessings
  • it has a table of contents, and you can jump between sections of a prayer service
  • it has optional English translation

Helpful additional features you don't mention are a Jewish calendar, a list of zmanim (times for prayer) for all locations in the world and (optional) reminders for mincha.

Only issue is that it costs 9.99$ - well worth it in my view but more than you asked for.

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    The Luach Events function of the calendar is great for tracking yartzeits, births, anniversaries and other auspicious days of history. Dec 27, 2017 at 16:37

The siddur in the Apple app. 'OnYourWay - ובלכתך בדרך' fits these criteria.


I personally use RustyBrick’s Siddur app, though I know that the Sefaria app also has a Siddur.

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