What is the status of porcelain dishes that have not been used for over a year?

Can one change their designation from one (meat) to the other (dairy) or vice versa?

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You do not say if the dishes are kosher to start with. Porcelain has a special status as it is earthenware covered by a thin glass layer. That makes it impossible to kasher.

R David Rosenfeld at aish.com writes

In general the practice is not to kasher them. However, in cases involving great loss, one may wait 12 months, kasher them in boiling water 3 times, and then use them (Igrot Moshe Y.D. I 43)

yeshiva.co writes something very similar here with more sources here.

If the dishes were kosher to start with, this answer brings sources re switching from dairy to meat and vice versa.

Please ask a rav as the interdiction of meat and milk is serious and you should not make halachic decisions based on what strangers write on the Internet.

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